Santa’s Golden Night: Black Kitty Christmas Ornament


Our Black Kitty Christmas Ornament is the universal gift: Purr-fectly embellishing your Christmas tree, your neighbors’ door, or even your purse.😉 Buy Meow 🐱

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Wish everyone a “Meowy Christmas” with our Santa’s Golden Night: Black Kitty Christmas Ornament.

This delightful kitten balancing a Santa hat, stands out against the elegant white backdrop, accented with golden splashes. Sly with its little red bow tie, it makes you wonder what this black kitty might be up to! Mischievously it’s clutching a branch of pine with holy berries. If you look closer, you will find an ornament within an ornament. 😉 The red-golden Christmas bauble mirrors the kitten jolliness even more, as if it is ready to embark on a seasonal adventure.

Don’t miss out on this delightful decoration! Hang the black kitty Christmas ornament on your tree, your neighbors’ door, or even your purse.😻 It will remind you and your loved ones that the holiday season is all about laughter, harmony and a bit of feline flair.

✅ SPECIAL OFFER: Receive discounted shipping on each additional ornament that you buy.

✅ Paw-lease your purse and order our kitten Christmas ornaments as a bundle and save some extra.

$1 of your purchase will go towards supporting our work helping stray cats in Bansko, Bulgaria because every meow matters. 🐱

Add a Purr-fect Sparkle to Your Tree! 🎄. Buy Meow 🐱.

    • 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches, .03 inches thick
    • White aluminum base with a glossy finish adding a touch of modern sophistication to your Christmas tree
    • Scratch and chip resistant keeping your cat Christmas ornament looking pristine look year after year
    • Print displays on both sides of your cat ornament so that it looks good from every angle.
    • Each Christmas ornament comes with a separate red ribbon for hanging for an effortless touch of festive elegance
    • Includes 1 cat ornament, unless you buy multiple ornaments, or a set of 4 or 6 (best value)


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For orders outside of the U.S., it takes ~ 3 business days to produce and 14 -21 days for shipping. Please allow a MINIMUM of 4 weeks for it to arrive.

The arrival time varies according to the logistics policy of different regions. If you’re buying at peak holiday times, please allow more time for processing and shipping to ensure your product arrives on time.


U.S.: $4.79. Each additional item: .49

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E.U and Rest of World: $8.59. Each additional item: .99


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