Cozy Cat Notebook: ‘Home Is Where My Cat Is’


Our cozy cat notebook ‘Home Is Where My Cat Is’ is purr-fect for embracing the feeling of warmth and coziness that having a cat in a home brings. 😻

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Transform your everyday thoughts into cherished memories with our cozy cat notebook:  ‘Home is Where My Cat Is’. 🏡🐱 Feel the warmth of home and the companionship of your beloved feline with every page you turn.

Imagine this: a serene setting where your cat lounges comfortably, embodying the essence of home. Our cozy cat notebook captures that very feeling, making it the purr-fect companion for your musings, whether you’re jotting down personal reflections, capturing creative ideas, or planning your next shopping list.

Features of Our Cozy Cat Notebook ‘Home Is Where My Cat Is’

  • Warm & Inviting Design: The cover art beautifully depicts a tranquil home scene, with your cat at the heart of it, reminding you that wherever your cat is, that’s where home truly is.
  • Perfectly Sized: Conveniently sized at 7.99″ x 5.98″, it fits snugly in your bag, ready to accompany you anywhere.
  • Lined Pages for Versatility: With 118 lined pages (59 double-sided sheets), it’s ideal for writing, sketching, doodling, or organizing your thoughts.
  • Gift-Worthy for Cat Lovers: An ideal gift for yourself, friends, and family, or any cat enthusiast who cherishes the cozy feeling of home.
  • Support a Good Cause: For every purchase, $1 goes towards supporting our work helping stray cats in Bansko, Bulgaria because every meow matters.

Take this notebook to your next meeting, and let the charming cover spark curiosity and conversation. Your colleagues will be eager to see your purr-fect journal!

Special Offer: Buy 2 or more notebooks and enjoy reduced shipping on the second one. Share the love and the inspiration!

Bring the comfort of home and the joy of your cat into your daily life with our “Home is Where My Cat Is” notebook. Because home is not just a place, it’s where your cat is. 🐾❤️

Plus, you get discounted shipping on every additional notebook that your purr-chase, so you can snag a matching one as a gift for your cat lady friend, or choose one of the other designs from our Feline Fine Notebook for yourself. We won’t tell. 🤫  Shop now and complete your collection! 🐾

🖋️ 118 Lined Pages: (59 double-sided sheets) for your thoughts to frolic freely!

🌀 Metal Spiral: Adds a touch of elegance and makes page removal a breeze.

✨ 90gsm Paper: For a smooth writing experiences.

📂 Document Pocket: To store your important notes, or a credit card.

📏 Dimensions: Purrfectly portable at 7.99″ x 5.98″.

☑️ Dark grey back cover


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